5 Ways to Get Out of the Friendzone

“I think it would be better if we stayed friends.” If you, like me, have heard these haunting words before, then you may have experienced the same emotions I have. Panic. Rage. Depression. A strange love for ice cream you never had before. But that ends today, because this guide will tell you how to […]

The End of the Tale

How many gamers read my blog? Well, chances are that you may have heard about the majority studio closure of TellTale Games. I’ve been following closely since I first heard of it last Saturday, and my feelings have been a mixture of disgust, sadness and anger. Disgust at the blatant mistreatment of over 200 employees […]

Updates? Updates!!!

Hey Guys! Blue Vegas here! Some of you have noticed the drop in activity on ‘The Agency’ and my blog ‘The Basement’, and you may be wondering what’s going on, especially since I’ve done this before due to health reasons :/ Well, wonder no more. I’ve been hard at work building a road map and […]

Medically Speaking

Ah, yet again, I have had to drop my blog’s activity, not because I forgot about it, or because I had no content. No, this time, I can laugh at the fact it wasn’t my fault, but I can cry at the fact it was because I was in hospital, and am now on 5 […]

It’s Also A Gun

So some of you may remember a statement I made regarding my opinion on anime. For those who are just joining us, or unable to click to another post, allow me to fill you in. I think anime is in dire need of experimental lobotomisation. The art style hurts my brain, how they depict women […]

Singing in the Face of Hopelessness

I don’t have anything to review today, but I wanted to share something beautiful that happened to me two weeks ago. While waiting for a bus, the buses were extremely late due to roadworks (they’re building a tram network in my city). So, out of boredom, and despite the fact there were seven other people […]

Return To The Internet

Hello everyone, Blue Vegas here. Now, I’ve been gone for a while, and only today did I realise that while I placed a note on The Agency Ongoing Series explaining why I was away, I did not do so here. Well, fear not, I was only gone for the holidays and to move house. I […]